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RadarSync - Free Edition

Update and backup your PC drivers and software with RadarSync`s award-winning free software
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11 June 2009

Editor's review

A lot of havoc is often created regarding virus and malware attacks on PCs. New bugs and viruses are appearing frequently and so appear the latest tools to combat them. But the main problem lies with the knowledge of these tools, as people often are unaware of these attacks. However, this crisis can be resolved with the help of RadarSync - Free Edition; it keeps you abreast with the latest updates relating to the important software files and drivers of your PC automatically. It proves to be a good assistance if you’re system is suffering from slow PC syndrome. It provides an elaborated list of the required updates that are necessary for your system. Along with this the program also provides you with information about the availability, downloading techniques and installation.

By installing the RadarSync - Free Edition you can stay away from such hassles. Get all the required details on time to have your PC function in an error free manner to the best extent possible. The interface has been designed well and shows up with a small sized screen consisting different features. The left panel of the program you can conduct a scan of your system and even make changes to the configurations as per your desires. To check out for the current requirements of your PC use ‘SCAN MY SYSTEM’, the process starts showing the level of completion and thereafter the results of the scan. The ‘AUTOSCAN SETUP’ feature allows you to set the automatic scanning schedule and other related features. The downloaded components list is shown with ‘My Downloads’ that makes it easy for you to review and manage them the downloaded components. Cancel the pending ones and delete all cached downloads. Make changes to the ‘Options’ through which it becomes easy for you to set the directory for saving the downloaded items. Configure the ‘Restore Points’ ands even you can make the selection of the ‘Diagnostic mode’.

The RadarSync - Free Edition is equipped with a toolbar that gets installed with your browser windows, and helps you in carrying out different searches, scan, find web applications, etc. Due to its variety of features and convenience in usage, the software is assigned with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

RadarSync`s award-winning software helps you update, backup, download and discover tons of software. Find and download the latest updates for your computer drivers and applications. Create software Packs to backup your software. Browse the software playlists of over 2 million community members to discover tons of new, free software. RadarSync downloads and installs your updates, Packs, and the new software you discover in one easy click - anytime, from any computer!
Using RadarSync, you get so much more out of your computer:
- Extend the life of your computer with regular maintenance
- Discover free alternatives to the software you use
- Protect your PC from security threats
- Avoid common computer problems
- Easily restore your computer from your backup Packs
- Save time and headaches
- Discover tons of new downloads that let you do more, save more, and enjoy more!

New to this version:
- Packs: a new kind of computer backup
- Pack it! button to select all or individual items to add to a Pack
- Displays both up-to-date and out of date items
- Notifies user when crucial applications are missing
- Revised Help files and on screen help
RadarSync - Free Edition
RadarSync - Free Edition
Version 2.0.1
Free Download

User comments

Azam Mulaki
RadarSync is a real good software. Got 17 (!!) new updates, mostly drivers and some apps. good jooooooobbbb!!! And, yes, free. I just didn`t like the GUI so much but it does the job.
Program runs but does not seem to do anything. Process running for 10 hrs but did not see any messages. Killed and uninstalled program.
John Rivkinsky
It`s exciting to have this (free) too, really exciting. RadarSync scan..detect many new drivers and applications for my PC..nice ncie nice, I really enjoyed the updates..thanks!!
awesome software. found me 13 updates!
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